Economite EC200 & EC300

Midco International is proud to announce an addition to its legendary Economite Power Gas Burner line. The standard Economite EC Series Power Gas Burners are engineered to match a wide variety of applications or customized to meet OEM applications. The compact design not only meets or exceeds industry standards; it also packs a lot of power for its size. Sheet metal construction affords high volume production and shorter lead times giving you a better-cost to value ratio. Each unit is fully assembled and factory fire tested assuring you a high quality performance product. Installation is effortless with our integrated junction box and universal mounting flange.

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Flame Safety:

Direct Spark Ignition
with100% shut-off,
30 second pre-purge
Redundant 1/2”NPT Main
Automatic Gas Valve

Electrical Supply:

120/1/60, 3 AMP (Standard)
230 Volt 50/60HZ (Available – Contact Factory)

The EC Series is available as a fully assembled power burner with an integrated burner control system. For further information please contact our factory at 773.604.8700.

5 5/16
3 11/16
7 1/2
8 5/8
7 1/2
Ø 4″
6 13/16
6 13/16
6 9/16
3 11/16
8 1/4
8 5/8
7 1/2
Ø 4″
6 13/16

** Approximate

Features & Benefits

  • Interchangeable Stainless Steel Burner Retention Heads:
    • compatibility to different applications
    • operation under variable draft or positive pressure condition
    • firing into small combustion chambers
  • Integrated Direct Spark Ignition System with Pre-Purge:
    • compliance with ANSI Z21.20 standard
    • timed pre-purge clears the combustion chamber before ignition cycle
    • proper sequencing of the burner operation
  • Light and Compact Removable Burner Assembly from the Burner Tube and Flange:
    • ease of serviceability and correct burner alignment
  • Pre-Piped, Pre-Wired, Factory Fired Tested:
    • ease of installation
    • reliable operational sequence
  • Compact Design and Small Footprint:
    • light weight for lower shipping cost
    • space saving compatibility to different applications firing into small combustion chambers
  • Universal Mounting Flange:
    • Application flexibility
    • Universal Bolt Pattern
    • OEM welded flange available
  • Air Shutter Positive Lock Fitting:
    • no shifting of air shutter caused by vibration
    • reduction of unauthorized adjustment
  • Adjustable External Air Shutter with Indication:
    • visual indication of air shutter position
    • faster burner set up
  • Field Convertible Triple Function Redundant Gas Valve:
    • Quiet and maintenance free