Incinomite Series

Spark Ignited Gas Burners

To design a package power gas burner for industrial and commercial incineration requires knowledge-knowledge gained by experience, for over 40 years worth. The Midco Incinomite models with their rugged and foolproof designs, have become the incineration industry standard.

Model J83-DS features direct spark ignition. The self contained electronic system produces instantaneous spark ignition. Continuous monitoring by our solid state system verifies flame or the burner automatically locks out. The ignition trial period is a positive and meaningful safety feature. With the direct spark model, we have practically eliminated the problem of pilot outage.

Where codes or insurance specifications require spark ignited piloted burners, the J81A-3 and J121A-3 are the burners of choice. The J81A-3 and J121A-3 Incinomites feature a spark ignited intermittent proven igniter (pilot) with 100% safety shut-off and up to 1200 MBH input capacity.

Among other outstanding Incinomite standard features is the long luminous flame, the quiet permanently lubricated motor-driven high output blower, with an automatic self-cooling system that inhibits damage from heat back-up. For flexible installation, the standard mounting flange is easily changed for either horizontal or 10° down firing. The louvers in the blower housing permit adjustment of air volume to provide desired flame characteristics for varying conditions. The Incinomite’s exclusive design features modular flame safeguard components and associated wiring outside the blast tube and blower housing, away from the heat, providing for a longer life, ease of service, and reduced maintenance costs. The blast tube contains only the electrodes that provides ignition and flame detection— there is nothing to clog…no wires to burn. Each Incinomite burner is shipped fully assembled and every unit is fire-tested before leaving the plant. Compact design makes the Incinomite easier to install and service.

The Incinomite burners are also available with custom options to suit your specific applications. The on-off switch is shipped as standard, but a 0-6 hour timer is available, as is a weatherhood for outdoor installation. Burners are shipped as natural gas models, and kits are available for field conversion to propane gas. For special applications or requirements such as insurance specification or local codes, Midco will tailor the Incinomite to fit those requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanently Lubricated Motors
  • Automatic Self Cooling System
  • Reversible Mounting Flange
  • Corrosion Resistant Housing



As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we proudly design, manufacture and assemble our products in Chicago, Illinois, USA.